The 15 Best Things to do in Kyoto- Fall in Love with the City of Temples

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Discover the top 15 things to do in Kyoto and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of this city of temples. From ancient shrines to breathtaking gardens, Kyoto offers a rich cultural experience that will captivate your heart.


Welcome to Kyoto, a city that gracefully blends ancient traditions with modern innovations. As Japan’s former capital and the center of its cultural heritage, Kyoto has preserved its historical charm, making it a must-visit destination for travelers from all over the world. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the 15 best things to do in Kyoto, allowing you to fall in love with the city of temples. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or a food connoisseur, Kyoto has something extraordinary to offer to every visitor.

The 15 Best Things to do in Kyoto

1. Visit Kinkaku-ji (The Golden Pavilion)

Kinkaku-ji, or the Golden Pavilion, is one of Kyoto’s most iconic landmarks. This Zen Buddhist temple, covered in gold leaf, reflects beautifully on the tranquil pond that surrounds it. Experience a sense of serenity as you stroll through the meticulously maintained gardens and marvel at the shimmering golden architecture.

2. Explore Fushimi Inari Taisha

Fushimi Inari Taisha is renowned for its thousands of vibrant red torii gates, creating a mesmerizing tunnel-like path leading to the sacred Mount Inari. Embark on a spiritual journey as you hike through the picturesque trails and enjoy panoramic views of Kyoto from the mountaintop.

3. Admire Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Step into a magical world at the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, where towering bamboo shoots create a surreal atmosphere. The sound of rustling bamboo leaves and the dappled sunlight filtering through the dense grove offer a peaceful and enchanting experience.

4. Discover Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Kiyomizu-dera, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is an architectural marvel with a wooden terrace that offers breathtaking views of the city. Surround yourself with the tranquility of this hillside temple and enjoy the seasonal beauty of cherry blossoms in spring and vibrant foliage in autumn.

5. Immerse Yourself in Gion District

Gion is Kyoto’s historic geisha district, exuding old-world charm with its traditional wooden machiya houses and cobblestone streets. Experience the allure of geisha culture, spot geiko and maiko gracefully walking to their appointments, and explore the teahouses and exclusive shops.

6. Indulge in Japanese Tea Ceremony

Experience the art of the Japanese tea ceremony, also known as Chanoyu. Engage in the ritual of preparing and savoring matcha tea while appreciating the aesthetics and mindfulness behind this cultural tradition.

7. Wander through Nijo Castle

Step back in time with a visit to Nijo Castle, an impressive feudal-era fortress with stunning gardens and historic buildings. Explore the “nightingale floors,” ingeniously designed to chirp when walked upon to alert against intruders.

8. Relax at Okochi-Sanso Villa

Find serenity at the Okochi-Sanso Villa, a hidden gem nestled in the mountains of Arashiyama. Enjoy the meticulously landscaped gardens, teahouses, and traditional architecture while savoring matcha and Japanese sweets.

9. Experience the Gorgeously Red To-ji Temple

To-ji Temple, with its striking red pagoda, stands tall as one of Kyoto’s most recognizable landmarks. Marvel at the intricate details of the temple’s architecture and explore its vast surrounding temple grounds.

10. Explore the Kyoto Imperial Palace

Delve into the history of Japan’s imperial family at the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Take a guided tour to learn about the palace’s significance and its role in Japan’s cultural heritage.

11. Admire the Beauty of Ryoan-ji Zen Garden

Ryoan-ji Zen Garden is a masterpiece of simplicity and elegance. The rock garden, with its carefully placed stones and raked gravel, is a place for quiet contemplation and meditation.

12. Discover the Historic Higashiyama District

Stroll through the Higashiyama District’s narrow alleys lined with traditional wooden merchant houses, charming shops, and delicious eateries. Immerse yourself in Kyoto’s cultural heritage as you explore this well-preserved historic area.

13. Marvel at the Splendor of Heian Shrine

Heian Shrine, with its vibrant vermilion torii gates and spacious gardens, is a picturesque destination that captures the essence of traditional Japan. Don’t miss the annual Jidai Matsuri festival, where history comes to life with a grand parade.

14. Experience Serenity at Eikan-do Zenrin-ji Temple

Eikan-do Zenrin-ji Temple is renowned for its stunning autumn foliage, turning the temple grounds into a kaleidoscope of colors. Witness the magic of nature’s brushwork and find tranquility in this serene temple.

15. Visit the Kyoto International Manga Museum

For manga enthusiasts, the Kyoto International Manga Museum is a haven of literary treasures. Explore an extensive collection of manga from various eras, and even try your hand at drawing in the manga studio.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the best time to visit Kyoto for the fall foliage?
    • Kyoto’s fall foliage peaks around late November to early December, making it the ideal time to witness the city’s stunning autumn colors.
  2. How can I experience a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto?
    • You can experience a traditional tea ceremony by visiting teahouses in Kyoto or participating in cultural programs that offer tea ceremony sessions.
  3. Are there any guided tours available for Kyoto’s historical sites?
    • Yes, Kyoto offers numerous guided tours that take you to the city’s historical sites, including temples, shrines, and palaces.
  4. Can I see geisha performances in Gion District?
    • While geisha performances are not commonly open to the public, you may occasionally catch a glimpse of geiko and maiko walking to their appointments in Gion.
  5. Are there any special events in Kyoto during spring?
    • Kyoto hosts several cherry blossom festivals and events during spring, such as hanami parties and illuminated cherry blossom displays.
  6. Is Kyoto safe for solo travelers?
    • Yes, Kyoto is generally considered a safe city for solo travelers. However, like any other destination, it’s essential to remain vigilant and take standard safety precautions.


Kyoto is a city that effortlessly transports you to a bygone era while embracing the marvels of the present. From historic temples and shrines to picturesque gardens and cultural experiences, the city offers a kaleidoscope of experiences that will leave you awe-inspired. Immerse yourself in the essence of Japan’s cultural heritage, and you will undoubtedly fall in love with Kyoto – the City of Temples.

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