A Perfect Day Trip to Hallstatt: What To See and Do

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Discover the perfect day trip to Hallstatt with our comprehensive guide. Uncover the top attractions, activities, and hidden gems in this charming Austrian village. Make the most of your adventure with expert tips and recommendations. A Perfect Day Trip to Hallstatt: What To See and Do.


Nestled amidst the stunning Austrian Alps, Hallstatt is a picturesque village straight out of a fairy tale. Renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, rich history, and serene lakeside setting, Hallstatt is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an idyllic day trip. In this article, we will explore the top sights and activities to make your visit to Hallstatt truly perfect. From exploring ancient salt mines to admiring the enchanting Hallstätter See, this guide has it all. Let’s embark on an unforgettable journey to Hallstatt!

A Perfect Day Trip to Hallstatt: What To See and Do

Discover the beauty of Hallstatt with our handpicked list of attractions and activities that will make your day trip truly memorable.

1. Hallstatt Skywalk

Kickstart your adventure with a visit to the Hallstatt Skywalk, offering jaw-dropping panoramic views of the village and the surrounding landscapes. Perched on the Salzberg mountain, the Skywalk provides an awe-inspiring vista that will leave you speechless.

2. Hallstätter See Boat Tour

Explore the ethereal beauty of Hallstätter See (Lake Hallstatt) with a relaxing boat tour. Drift along the crystal-clear waters, marvel at the reflection of the mountains on the lake, and capture picture-perfect moments that will be cherished forever.

3. Hallstatt Salt Mine

Delve into the history of Hallstatt by visiting the iconic Hallstatt Salt Mine. Embark on a fascinating underground tour to learn about the region’s ancient salt-mining heritage. The thrilling miners’ slide is an exciting highlight not to be missed.

4. Dachstein Ice Cave

For an otherworldly experience, head to the Dachstein Ice Cave, just a short drive from Hallstatt. Explore the mesmerizing ice formations and witness the magic of this natural wonder, taking you back in time to the Ice Age.

5. Hallstatt Bone House (Beinhaus)

Uncover the eerie yet intriguing Bone House, where intricately decorated skulls and bones are displayed. Gain insight into the local funeral customs and pay homage to the souls of the departed.

6. Museum Hallstatt

Expand your knowledge of Hallstatt’s rich history at the Museum Hallstatt. Discover ancient artifacts, archaeological finds, and captivating exhibits that chronicle the village’s past.

7. Hallstatt Waterfall

Embrace the tranquility of the Hallstatt Waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery and awe-inspiring landscapes. This scenic spot offers a perfect respite to connect with nature.

8. Market Square (Marktplatz)

Indulge in a leisurely stroll through Hallstatt’s charming Market Square. Admire the pastel-colored houses, quaint shops, and delightful cafes offering delectable local cuisine.

9. Hallstatt Lutheran Church

Visit the Hallstatt Lutheran Church, a place of historical and architectural significance. Admire the elegant facade and step inside to experience the serene ambiance.

10. Hallstatt Beinhauskirche

Marvel at the unique charm of the Hallstatt Beinhauskirche (Bone House Church). This small yet captivating church is home to an assortment of painted skulls and is an important cultural site.

11. Hallstatt Ossuary

Discover the intriguing Hallstatt Ossuary, an underground burial chamber. Gain insights into Hallstatt’s burial customs and rituals from centuries ago.

12. Hallstatt Waterfall Trail

For nature enthusiasts and hikers, the Hallstatt Waterfall Trail is a must-visit. Trek along the scenic trail, surrounded by lush landscapes and the soothing sound of rushing water.

13. Salt & Pepper World

Add a touch of uniqueness to your trip by exploring the Salt & Pepper World, a delightful shop filled with quirky and artistic salt and pepper shakers.

14. Giant Ice Cave (Rieseneishöhle)

Embark on a thrilling journey to the Giant Ice Cave, another natural wonder in the vicinity of Hallstatt. Be awed by the massive ice formations inside the cave.

15. Take a Postcard-Perfect Photograph

Don’t forget to capture your perfect day trip to Hallstatt with a postcard-worthy photograph. From the picturesque streets to the alpine vistas, every angle is Instagram-worthy.

16. Rent a Boat and Explore

For a more intimate experience of Hallstätter See, rent a boat and paddle along the calm waters. It’s a great way to savor the serenity of the lake at your own pace.

17. Try Traditional Austrian Cuisine

Treat your taste buds to the flavors of Austria at one of Hallstatt’s charming restaurants. Sample traditional dishes like Wiener Schnitzel and Apfelstrudel for a truly authentic culinary experience.

18. Hike the Five Fingers Viewing Platform

Venture beyond Hallstatt and take a short hike to the Five Fingers Viewing Platform, offering awe-inspiring vistas of the Alps and the surrounding region.

19. Lake Gosau

Extend your adventure by visiting Lake Gosau, a stunning alpine lake surrounded by majestic mountains. It’s an excellent spot for relaxation and nature appreciation.

20. Salt Mine Museum

Dive deeper into Hallstatt’s salt mining legacy at the Salt Mine Museum, where exhibits showcase the history, geology, and significance of salt mining in the region.

21. Explore Obertraun

Venture to Obertraun, a charming village near Hallstatt, and explore its scenic landscapes and historical landmarks.

22. Go on a Photography Tour

Join a photography tour to capture the mesmerizing beauty of Hallstatt through the lens of a professional photographer.

23. Take a Cable Car Ride

Enjoy a cable car ride to the Krippenstein mountain for breathtaking panoramic views of Hallstatt and the Dachstein massif.

24. Visit the Hallstatt Lutheran Cemetery

Wander through the peaceful Hallstatt Lutheran Cemetery, offering captivating views of the village and the lake.

25. Relax by the Lakeside

End your perfect day trip by simply relaxing by the lakeside, soaking in the tranquility and beauty of Hallstatt.


Q: How far is Hallstatt from Salzburg?

A: Hallstatt is located approximately 75 kilometers (46 miles) from Salzburg, and the journey takes around 1.5 to 2 hours by car.

Q: Is Hallstatt accessible by public transportation?

A: Yes, Hallstatt is accessible by train and bus from various major cities in Austria. The Hallstatt railway station is a short walk from the village center.

Q: Are the Hallstatt salt mines suitable for children?

A: Yes, the Hallstatt salt mines are family-friendly, and children will enjoy the interactive and educational aspects of the tour.

Q: What is the best time of year to visit Hallstatt?

A: Hallstatt is captivating year-round, but the best time to visit is during spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October) when the weather is pleasant, and the tourist crowds are thinner.

Q: Can I swim in Hallstätter See?

A: Yes, you can swim in Hallstätter See during the summer months. The water is crystal clear, and the surrounding mountains provide a stunning backdrop.

Q: Are there guided tours available in Hallstatt?

A: Yes, guided tours are available for various attractions in Hallstatt, providing valuable insights and an enriching experience.


Hallstatt offers a dreamlike experience for travelers seeking a perfect day trip. From its charming streets to the majestic Alps, every moment in Hallstatt is truly magical. Whether you’re exploring the salt mines, admiring the breathtaking views from the Skywalk, or simply basking in the beauty of Hallstätter See, this Austrian gem will captivate your heart. So pack your bags, embark on an adventure, and create unforgettable memories in the enchanting village of Hallstatt.

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