Radhe Shyam Release Time on Amazon Prime Video: A Comprehensive Guide

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Discover the release time of the captivating Indian Telugu-language period romantic drama film, Radhe Shyam, on Amazon Prime Video. Get insights into the film’s plot, cast, critical reception, and release details.


In the realm of Indian cinema, Radhe Shyam stands as a shining gem, weaving a tale of love and fate against the backdrop of a richly textured period drama. With a cast that boasts renowned actors and a captivating storyline, this film has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. For those eagerly awaiting its streaming release on Amazon Prime Video, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that delves into every facet of Radhe Shyam, including its intriguing plot, talented cast, critical reception, and the eagerly anticipated release time.

Radhe Shyam: A Glimpse into the Romantic Drama

Radhe Shyam, directed by Radha Krishna Kumar and produced by UV Creations and T-Series, takes us on a mesmerizing journey through time. Set against a backdrop of love and mysticism, the film introduces us to a palmist and a medical student entangled in a complex web of emotions. The stellar cast, featuring Prabhas and Pooja Hegde in lead roles, along with supporting talents like Sachin Khedekar, Priyadarshi, Bhagyashree, Murli Sharma, Kunaal Roy Kapur, and Sasha Chettri, brings the characters to life with their impeccable performances.

Exploring the Reviews and Reception

Upon its cinematic release on 11 March 2022, Radhe Shyam garnered a range of reviews from critics and audiences alike. While the performances of Prabhas and Pooja Hegde received accolades for their depth and authenticity, the film did face criticism for its leisurely pacing and predictable plot twists. Nevertheless, its unique blend of romance, drama, and mystique left an indelible mark on viewers’ hearts.

The Amazon Prime Video Premiere

Fans of Radhe Shyam were overjoyed when it made its digital debut on Amazon Prime Video on 1 April 2022. The film’s online release marked a new chapter in its journey, bringing its enchanting tale to a wider audience. At precisely 12:00 AM IST on that day, the cinematic masterpiece became available for streaming, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the world of Radhe Shyam whenever and wherever they pleased.

Unveiling the Release Time

One of the most frequently asked questions by eager fans was about the exact release time of Radhe Shyam on Amazon Prime Video. If you find yourself in the Pacific Standard Time time zone, you’re in luck. The film was released at 9:30 AM PST on 1 April 2023. This means you can kickstart your day with the enchanting love story, perfectly timed to fill your morning with romance and drama.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is Radhe Shyam available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video? A: Yes, Radhe Shyam is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Q: When was Radhe Shyam released in cinemas? A: Radhe Shyam was released in cinemas on 11 March 2022.

Q: Who are the lead actors in Radhe Shyam? A: Prabhas and Pooja Hegde portray the lead roles in Radhe Shyam.

Q: What time was Radhe Shyam released on Amazon Prime Video? A: Radhe Shyam was released at 9:30 AM PST on 1 April 2023 for viewers in the Pacific Standard Time time zone.

Q: What was the critical reception of Radhe Shyam? A: Radhe Shyam received mixed reviews, with praise for performances and critique for pacing and predictability.

Q: How can I watch Radhe Shyam on Amazon Prime Video? A: You can watch Radhe Shyam on Amazon Prime Video by accessing the platform and searching for the film.


As the sun rises on 1 April 2023, fans in the Pacific Standard Time zone can indulge in the captivating world of Radhe Shyam on Amazon Prime Video. This enchanting tale of love and destiny, set against a backdrop of rich visuals and exceptional performances, promises to leave an enduring impact. Whether you’re a fan of period dramas, romance, or simply excellent storytelling, Radhe Shyam is a cinematic experience not to be missed. So mark your calendars and set your alarms – 9:30 AM PST is the time to embark on this cinematic journey.

Get ready to lose yourself in the magic of Radhe Shyam – a story that transcends time and borders, delivered right to your screen.

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