Firefly Lane Season 2 Total Episodes List, Run Time & Length

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Dive into the world of Firefly Lane Season 2 with its 16 captivating episodes, split into two parts, and a total run time of 10 hours and 54 minutes. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster with Tully and Kate’s journey through friendship and challenges.


Firefly Lane Season 2 continues to charm viewers with its heartwarming narrative and relatable characters. In this article, we’ll provide you with a detailed breakdown of the total episodes list, run time, and episode length for this eagerly awaited season. Join us as we take a closer look at the exciting episodes that unfold in Tully and Kate’s lives.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Total Episodes List

Season 2 of Firefly Lane takes us on a journey through 16 captivating episodes, offering a rich blend of emotions, challenges, and personal growth. The season is thoughtfully divided into two parts, each with its own set of unique episodes that contribute to the overarching story. The show’s creators have skillfully crafted these episodes to provide a seamless and engaging viewing experience.

Part 1

  1. Episode 1: “The Girl in the Plane”
    • Episode Length: 44 minutes
    • Join Tully and Kate as they face new beginnings and unexpected twists in their lives.
  2. Episode 2: “The Wrong Side of the Tracks”
    • Episode Length: 45 minutes
    • The challenges of friendship are put to the test as Tully and Kate navigate their differences.
  3. Episode 3: “The Breakup”
    • Episode Length: 48 minutes
    • Secrets from the past resurface, leading to a poignant exploration of the characters’ history.
  4. Episode 4: “The Fight”
    • Episode Length: 47 minutes
    • Tensions rise as conflicts arise, showcasing the complexities of relationships.
  5. Episode 5: “The Truth”
    • Episode Length: 48 minutes
    • The characters confront uncomfortable truths, leading to personal growth and self-discovery.
  6. Episode 6: “The Reunion”
    • Episode Length: 49 minutes
    • Tully and Kate’s paths converge once again, bringing both joy and challenges.
  7. Episode 7: “The Lie”
    • Episode Length: 48 minutes
    • Lies and revelations impact the characters’ dynamics, prompting reflection and change.
  8. Episode 8: “The Goodbye”
    • Episode Length: 49 minutes
    • A heartfelt goodbye marks the end of the first part of the season, leaving viewers eager for more.

Part 2

  1. Episode 9: “All the World’s a Stage”
    • Episode Length: 44 minutes
    • The characters face new hurdles as they continue their journey through life.
  2. Episode 10: “The Breast Is Yet to Come”
    • Episode Length: 49 minutes
    • Challenges related to family and career take center stage, testing the characters’ resilience.
  3. Episode 11: “Time After Time”
    • Episode Length: 47 minutes
    • The passage of time brings both opportunities and obstacles, leading to introspection.
  4. Episode 12: “Can’t Fight This Feeling”
    • Episode Length: 51 minutes
    • Emotions run high as characters confront their deepest desires and fears.
  5. Episode 13: “I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On”
    • Episode Length: 55 minutes
    • The characters’ perseverance shines through as they navigate life’s challenges.
  6. Episode 14: “Moondance”
    • Episode Length: 54 minutes
    • Moments of joy and connection are interspersed with moments of reflection and growth.
  7. Episode 15: “The Final Chapter”
    • Episode Length: 56 minutes
    • The season reaches its poignant conclusion, providing closure to the characters’ journeys.

The Total Run Time

The combined run time of Firefly Lane Season 2 is an impressive 654 minutes, translating to approximately 10 hours and 54 minutes. This extensive run time allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the intricate storytelling and character development that Firefly Lane is known for.

A Journey of Emotions and Growth

Firefly Lane Season 2 continues to be a masterclass in character-driven storytelling. With its carefully curated episodes, compelling run time, and emotional depth, the series offers viewers a chance to connect with the characters’ experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Whether you’re a returning fan or new to the show, get ready to embark on a journey that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you eagerly anticipating each episode.

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